Which are the best Hiking Boots?

North face Hedgehog Hiking Boot

If you are going walking in the countryside or “campo” as they say in Spain then you are going to need a good pair of boots to protect your feet.

We bought a couple of pairs of THE NORTH FACE Hedgehog Hike Ii Mid Gore-Tex boots and tested them out in various weather and terrain conditions.

Although the boots are not cheap, around £100, the first impressions were really good from the start. The boots slip on easily and are extremely well padded and comfortable inside. However they needed to be walked in to test them out. Quite often new boots have to be “worn-in” to get them to mould to the shape of your feet. They often cause blisters when new until your feet become a bit more callous in the areas of rubbing.

We didn’t get any of this at all. After 3 days in different weathers we have had no problems with the boots at all. The first day was warm and dry and the other two days were wet, muddy and cold. The boots performed perfectly in both situations neither being too hot, too damp or cold. The material is Leather and “Goretex”.

After coming back home from the muddy walks we hosed the boots down under the garden tap to remove the soil and once they dried they looked as good as new.

We cant say if they are the best boots in the world but we can say we are happy with them and can recommend them without hesitation.

You can check the prices of these boots here on Amazon by clicking the affiliate link here

THE NORTH FACE Men’s Hedgehog Hike Ii Mid Gore-Tex High Rise Boots

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