Sean of Spanish Inland Properties – An Expat Profile

Sean Lummis is the Managing Director of Spanish Inland Properties Before moving to Spain, Sean used to live in Chelmsford, Essex working for a shipping company in Barking. He met Sally, who also now works for Spanish Inland Properties in 2003. Spanish Inland Properties in Galera, is a small, family run business dedicated to helpingContinue reading “Sean of Spanish Inland Properties – An Expat Profile”

Baza – Historic Market Town – In the heart of Andalusia

Age old monuments on the slopes of the Sierra de Baza Nature Reserve The Altiplano region of Baza is one of the unspoiled jewels of Andalusia. Situated in the north of the Granada Province, is the town of Baza, the capital of the overall area of the same name. The other, smaller villages in theContinue reading “Baza – Historic Market Town – In the heart of Andalusia”

Which are the best Hiking Boots?

If you are going walking in the countryside or “campo” as they say in Spain then you are going to need a good pair of boots to protect your feet. We bought a couple of pairs of THE NORTH FACE Hedgehog Hike Ii Mid Gore-Tex boots and tested them out in various weather and terrainContinue reading “Which are the best Hiking Boots?”

Beef Steak with baked Baby Plum Tomatoes with garlic & Dijon Mushrooms

In our little village, the neighbours like to bring fresh produce around to the house as and when it gets harvested. This week we had Virgin olive Oil from this year’s press from Manuel and tomatoes and garlic from Maria, who also gave us this recipe. It is very quick and simple but makes theContinue reading “Beef Steak with baked Baby Plum Tomatoes with garlic & Dijon Mushrooms”

The “Padron” Certificate

What is an Empadronamiento and how do I obtain one?In Spain the “padron ” or “certificado de empadronamiento” refers to the process of registering with the town hall (ayuntamiento) as a resident of your municipality. The process is simple and does not require that you have your residency papers in order. It is free toContinue reading “The “Padron” Certificate”

The Best 4 Apps for Learning Spanish

It’s best to learn at least some Spanish language before you come to Spain as this will give you a head start when you arrive. It’s not possible to become fluent in any language without speaking face to face with native speakers so you wont start learning for real until you live there. There areContinue reading “The Best 4 Apps for Learning Spanish”

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