Sean of Spanish Inland Properties – An Expat Profile

Sean Lummis is the Managing Director of Spanish Inland Properties

Before moving to Spain, Sean used to live in Chelmsford, Essex working for a shipping company in Barking. He met Sally, who also now works for Spanish Inland Properties in 2003.

Spanish Inland Properties in Galera, is a small, family run business dedicated to helping their Clients find the right property in this beautiful area of Spain.

The company is now owned by Sean, who moved to Spain in 2005 with his partner Sally.  They fell in love with the cave houses when they just came out for a weekend break to visit the area but ended up buying the second one they viewed!!  It needed complete renovation and so they spent 7 months living in an out-house with a tin roof, mice and barely enough electricity to power a mobile phone charger whilst they renovated the cave which was a very steep learning curve, stressful and cost a lot more than they expected but it was well worth it!  It was during this time they learnt so much about the cave houses which Sean now specialises in selling.  While they were renovating the cave they became good friends with Sharon, Les and Craig Edwards who offered them work at Spanish Inland Properties.  So they then started working at Spanish Inland Properties, Sally carrying out the administration and secretarial work full time in the Galera office and Sean taking out clients to view properties.

In 2014, Les took a step back from the business and Sean now owns the company with wife Sally who carries out marketing work from home. 

Sean’s experience, contacts and knowledge of the  properties for sale and areas make him a fantastic estate agent, he offers a very personal service and he speaks English and Spanish.  Sean enjoys meeting new clients and guiding them through the whole buying process from start to finish and helping make their dreams a reality.

They have hundreds of great properties for sale on their website such as cave houses, fincas, and town properties. Sean and his team will help you to find a property, open a bank account, obtain an NIE number and recommend reputable solicitors to do all the legal stuff. It’s a complete service!

You can visit Spanish Inland Properties website by clicking here

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