The “Padron” Certificate

What is an Empadronamiento and how do I obtain one?
In Spain the “padron ” or “certificado de empadronamiento” refers to the process of registering with the town hall (ayuntamiento) as a resident of your municipality. The process is simple and does not require that you have your residency papers in order. It is free to register and does not incur any additional taxes (if you own your home, you will be required to pay municipal taxes anyway). 

A certificado de empadronamiento can be obtained from the Town Hall

It is important for all residents in a municipality to register in order for the local government so that you are added to the electoral role and the local councils receive the proper amount of funds necessary to run the village/city and maintain infrastructures. Whether you are purchasing property or renting a home, it is in both your own and your community’s best interest to make the little effort required to go down to the town hall and register.  This way, you will ensure that your sewage system continues to run smoothly. Rubbish will disappear on schedule and your local health clinic and post office will be adequately staffed.
The only requirement is that you need to be living in the community for at least 6 months a year. 

What do I need:

Passport or NIE number

Copy of Escritura for your property


  • Go to the Town Hall with the appropriate documents
  • Tell them you want to register
  • Ask for a “Certificado de Empadronamiento”.  This is requested on a regular basis when you are applying for other things.  This costs approximately 2 euros.  Please note they are only valid for 3 months but you can request one as often as you need.

    If you change address either to another property in the municipality or outside you must inform the Town Hall of the change.

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